Product Liability and Product Defects

Not all personal injury attorneys are willing to tackle potentially difficult, expensive and complex product liability cases - which can involve taking on powerful corporations and investing in costly engineering and product testing. At the Phifer Law Firm in Houston, this is our clear strength. We leverage valuable corporate defense experience and the ability to apply engineering and scientific principles in establishing what happened, why, and who is responsible.

In 2001, on behalf of several hundred Texas crash victims and attorneys, Mr. Phifer led nationwide discovery efforts to expose the negligence of Ford and Firestone involving serious tire defects and automotive design problems with the Ford Explorer. The evidence and testimony he brought forth has been applied successfully in cases all over the U. S.

Household Products - Electrical Products - Medical Devices

In addition to this high-profile, high-value work on auto defects cases, we have the knowledge and experience to pursue claims involving:

  • Defective household and consumer products such as electrical equipment and appliances, which can malfunction and cause electrocution or fire
  • Dangerous prescription drugs and defective medical products such as implants
  • Other defective products including machinery, tools and equipment