Car and Truck Accidents

Automobile crashes and collisions occur frequently on our Texas roadways. Reckless or inattentive driving is often the cause and, in particular, we believe strongly in holding drunk or impaired drivers responsible for the damage they do. We also take action against bar and restaurant owners under dram shop laws for over serving alcohol, as well as against insurers, corporations and individuals.

We are advocates for vehicle safety and responsible business practices as well as just compensation for victims. When an accident occurs, we are skilled at investigating and interpreting what happened, not only to prove liability but also to expose risks that must be addressed.

Serious Representation for Serious Outcomes and Safety Problems

Attorney Michael Phifer's experience has extended across a wide range of car, truck, passenger bus, taxi and other vehicle accidents. He has built a strong reputation for his ability to:

  • Isolate the most important factors in an accident, leveraging his substantial knowledge of automobile design, engineering and auto defects
  • Uncover violations of laws governing commercial trucks and buses - ranging from inadequate maintenance to negligent driver hiring practices
  • Conclusively demonstrate the total, long-range impact of serious injuries - such as brain or spinal cord injuries, back injuries, fractured limbs or disfigurement