Automobile Defects

Applying Automobile Performance and Engineering Knowledge to Your Case

If your life has changed forever due to a rollover crash or other deadly vehicle accident, we will look at every automotive component and system to see if it performed properly. Tire defects and tire failures are a frequent cause of deaths and injuries, and we will also look for potential problems with:

  • Airbags, seatbelts and seat-back construction
  • Stability and crash worthiness of your vehicle
  • Acceleration, steering, brakes and other critical control systems
  • Highway defects, improper signage, or other highway factors
  • Roof structure and roof crush strength
  • Fuel system integrity and protection against fires
  • Fast Action and Investigation

In cases involving rollovers, sudden or unintended acceleration, car fires, tire blowouts, loss of vehicle control, or other dangerous events, we will move quickly to preserve critical evidence to protect your rights. We are advocates for justice and dedicated to exposing auto defects that other investigators or lawyers might miss, so that safety improvements will be made in the future.

Safety First and Always

You may have powerful recourse against a company that has marketed defective automobiles or components. Whether defects resulted from inadequate engineering and safety testing, or simply a corporate desire to save money at the expense of safety, vehicle and component manufacturers must be held accountable for their decisions that have caused serious injuries or wrongful death.