Trade Secrets & Confidential Information

Work with a Lawyer Committed to Your Business Success

Not all the most important assets of your business are "hard," tangible property like cash, buildings, real estate, and equipment. Serious disputes often arise when a partner or key employee takes trade secrets or confidential information and attempts to use them for personal gain or competitive advantage.

Taking aggressive, well-prepared legal action against someone for taking trade secrets or other confidential information out of your company could make the difference for your continued viability and success. To discuss your potential case with an attorney who has extensive relevant experience, please contact us at the Phifer Law Firm.

Violations of Employment Agreements - Unfair Competition

Trade secrets can range from formulas and recipes to plans and other data - virtually any device or material that your business uses to function and compete. Other types of confidential information - such as customer lists, pricing guides, business plans and projections - may also be protected by law from unauthorized use.

Only a qualified attorney can properly assess key factors such as:

  • Whether the material taken qualifies as a trade secret, confidential information, or other protected intellectual property
  • The validity and importance of any covenants not to compete (also called "non-compete agreements") and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) that may pertain
  • Your likelihood of success in taking legal action, based on all relevant circumstances of the case