Experienced Intellectual Property & Trademark Dispute Lawyers

Having been selected to be included in The Best Lawyers in America in Commercial Litigation, Michael L. Phifer understands how to protect and safeguard your investment of time, money and talent in a business.

The most valuable assets of any business include the knowledge and talent involved in operating it, the company and product names and brand identification and the investment of hard work and money. If your business must be dissolved or split up, the rights to these assets can be major issues between partners or shareholders. In other situations, you may need to deal with a competitor infringing on your intellectual or business property or falsely claiming rights to what is yours.

Your business name, logo, trademarks and patents, your investment of money and hard work, and your rights to critical business information are worth fighting for. When you contact the Phifer law firm in Houston, Texas, you will find attorneys with the experience to protect your interests in virtually any type of intellectual property or business dispute.

A Resourceful Approach to Defending and Asserting Your Interests

Putting a hard dollar value on your business name or other intellectual property is difficult, and recovering monetary damages may be less important to you than protecting and solidifying your rights to those key assets. We perform the research and analysis necessary to clarify your legal position and help you make sound decisions about legal action.

No Intimidation Factor: We Take On Powerful Adversaries Every Day

With decades of business law, negotiating, and trial experience, respected lawyers Michael L. Phifer and Guy K. Cooksey are well equipped to represent you in:

  • A partnership or shareholder dispute over rights to your business name and other assets
  • A case involving a competitor's use of your trademarked name or other intellectual property, or their claim that they own these assets and you must stop using them
  • A former partner or employee's unauthorized, unlawful use of intellectual property, trade secrets or other confidential information about your business
  • Unfair business practices