Breach of Fiduciary Duty

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Is a business partner or associate exploiting his or her authority at your expense? Do you suspect that your interest in a business is losing value because of that person's financial negligence or other unlawful behavior?

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In broad terms, a breach of fiduciary duty occurs when someone legally obligated to act in another's interest fails to exercise care and diligence. One relatively common situation is when a majority or general partner in a limited liability partnership (LLP) or other business breaks his or her obligation to act in other partners' best interests.

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Protecting Your Interests Requires Decisive Legal Action

Misappropriating or diverting funds, entering unfavorable contracts, and unauthorized sale or mismanagement of assets are common breaches of fiduciary duty that may justify filing a lawsuit. Our attorneys' experience also extends to:

  • Partnership/shareholder disputes arising from joint ventures
  • Lender liability cases when banks or other financial entities are alleged to have overstepped their bounds at the borrower's expense
  • Other disputes often requiring diligent investment