Contract Disputes

One of the most difficult aspects of running a business may be dealing with people who do not honor their contractual responsibilities. When a customer won't pay for services or a supplier fails to deliver, when a partnership or employment contract must be enforced, or in a range of other critical situations, you can turn to us at the Phifer Law Firm.

Practical, Versatile Business Lawyers with Decades of Experience

At our firm, two veteran attorneys collaborate to deliver practical, high-quality business law services. Both are established trial lawyers and savvy, skilled negotiators. Michael Phifer has handled many multimillion-dollar liability lawsuits from both defense and plaintiff's perspectives. For over a decade, Guy K. Cooksey has been immersed in a wide range of business litigation, including many breach-of-contract disputes.

We Work to Achieve Your Goals and Deliver Informed Advice and Assistance

Contract disputes arise for a variety of reasons, ranging from disagreement over the terms to one party's outright refusal to honor the contract. Our ability to understand your Texas business enables us to provide sound counsel based on the law and careful analysis of your unique situation and goals.

Our attorneys are well equipped to provide guidance and representation on matters such as:

  • Partnership dissolutions and shareholder disputes
  • Conflicts between suppliers and purchasers, contractors and subcontractors, employers and key employees
  • Disputes over business and real estate purchases or other major transactions
  • Issues involving non-compete and nondisclosure agreements, including the rights to intellectual property and confidential information
  • Other allegations of breach of contract